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    Photo Hike Fall Colors: Maple Pass Loop / Lake Ann
    9-25-16 9:00 am - Stone Gardens
    Seattle Get up Get on Out

    Lets go enjoy the fall colors hike. Before rainy season. Explore photography of nature's fall changing season. Maple Pass is all about fall, with spectacular colors, late-season huckleberries, and great views. A popular trail for alpine larch.  ...

    SATT: Hibox Mountain
    9-25-16 9:00 am - Stone Gardens
    Seattle Outdoor Adventurer's Meetup (S.O.A)

    Scrambling two of the things in one weekend? How wonderfully decadent!  Hibox is an excellent scrambling destination, with secure rock leading to a summit with spectacular views. Careful, strong, and sure-footed hikers should have little...

    Bellevue Stone Gardens Sundays
    9-25-16 9:00 am - Stone Gardens
    The Seattle Climbing Meetup Group

    Now that outdoor climbing season is sadly coming to an end, its time to resume indoor climbing. Despite being indoors, this is a great opportunity to maintain/build strength and technique. I'll be coordinating a group of climbers every Sunday...